Pure Fin is dedicated to facilitating a holistic experiences, in the water, with dolphins.  We host destination wellness experiences in Tortola, British Virgin Islands and Bimini, Bahamas. The dolphins participate as co-facilitators with our expert staff in treating our clients.

Join us in Bimini!

Join us in Bimini from July 3rd - 8th on board the Indigo where we will be swimming with wild dolphins!  Dr. Krystal is extremely pleased to be back on the indigo with guests, dolphins, and a crew that she could only describe as "home," facilitating for the very first time.  It is Dr. Krystal's vision to share energy together and experience our own highest vibration as we radiate and receive the purest love with each other and our dolphin family as we connect to Source.  This facilitated experience will increase our consciousness, presence, joy, authenticity, and vitality.  For more information please contact Dr. Krystal.  Price is $1757 + airfare.  



You awake to the sound of the wind gently grazing palm fronds against each other, waves gently breaking, and the sun beaming down upon you. Excitement fills your heart, today is the day you embark upon the next chapter in your spiritual journey to wellness. Today, you will be with dolphins, perhaps for the first time. Today, you will feel their energy, experience their presence and share unconditional love with amazingly intelligent, intuitive creatures. Now, your spiritual awareness, emotional connection, physical presence and mental acuity will shift into a higher level of consciousness with the support of facilitators and dolphins. You will continue to grow and evolve into the most authentic self. The essence of you will shine brightly. 

We invite you to take the next step in your development and join us on a journey of embarkment to a tropical island to experience the healing power and energy within yourself that the dolphins and facilitators will encourage. We have been blessed as Pure Fin facilitators  to connect with dolphins in various locations around the globe to share our energy, experience their healing power, learn from them, treat them with our healing abilities, communicate with them, and just be with dolphins, enjoying each other. We are honored to share this gift of healing that occurs at the deepest level with you. 

Dip into Life. It's Beautiful!

Click the photos below, then hover over each to read about some of our experiences with our dolphin friends in Tortola.