Our Destinations

Pure Fin offers many destination Holistic Wellness Experiences in many beautiful places!  Read below to see some of the amazing places we've been!  Join us on a journey of personal growth and wellness; click the "trips" link above to see dates for upcoming experiences! For more information on the components of a Holistic Wellness Experience, please visit our "Wellness" page.


In the magical Bimini waters, we charter a boat called the indigo in pursuit of opportunities to spend time in the water with wild atlantic spotted dolphins. Our time is spent talking about dolphins and consciousness and our human connection with dolphins and taking this energy into the water to swim with these creatures. We do not generally perform healing sessions with the dolphins; we immerse ourselves gently into the environment of the dolphins and share energy and deeply connect to the dolphins, each other and the experience. This experience is well suited for you if you desire to swim with wild dolphins and are excited for an opportunity free dive with dolphins. We live aboard a vessel for 5 days together, sharing our knowledge with you about dolphins and dolphin research in cognition, communication, consciousness and behavior. We sit upon the decks waiting to spot our finned friends. We allow the dolphins to interact with the boat and spend time with them from the deck before getting into the water. Once the dolphins accept us, we are able to get into the water and tow behind the boat with the dolphins as they swim around us and explore us. If fortunate, we have the opportunity to swim freely with the dolphins and are accepted as part of their pod. This is pure bliss. 

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

On this beautiful caribbean island our emphasis on dolphin assisted wellness programs and providing you with healing sessions with the dolphins and facilitators. The experience occurs in the natural ocean lagoon habitat of the dolphins. As you enter the water, via a small staircase led by a facilitator, the dolphins await you. You will have an opportunity to interact with the dolphin before beginning your session, participating in some of the dolphins' favorite activities which could include belly and back rubs, kisses, high fives and cheering them on while they jump. During holistic experiences, you will be supported by the water and the facilitators. You begin floating on your backs in the water with the facilitators hands beneath you. The facilitator will assess your body and begin to apply the treatment techniques that they are guided to perform based on their analysis and your subjective information. You are encouraged to allow you body to move and shift as necessary while supported by the facilitator. The dolphins interact with you in many ways, using their sonar, their sounds, and their bodies to yours in order to participate in your experience.  Trainers work with the facilitators to meld the dolphins behaviors/actions with the holistic experience, in a manner that allows the dolphins to acknowledge and interact with the participants to support the holistic experience. The comprehensive experience is life changing.


Pure Fin is excited to share plans to establish trips to Hawaii!  The images below are from the world-wide-web, but they provide a great teaser for what may be seen on the amazing islands in the Pacific!  Our adventure will begin with our charter boat along the Kona Coast. We will be in pursuit of snorkeling and free diving with spinner dolphins. In the evening we will snorkel or scuba (if certified) with the massive, majestic manta rays along the Kona Coast. This is unique opportunity to experience the sea in the evening with these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. We will spend time hiking to waterfalls and connecting with the essence of the element of water. We will have the chance in Hawaii talk with  you about interspecies communication and deepening consciousness and building self awareness.