Dr. Krystal and the Pure Fin Facilitators are experts in the field of Dolphin Assisted Wellness and Dolphin-Human Interaction.  Dr. Krystal is available to speak for your class, group, or organization.  See below for some of the presentations she offers; Dr. Krystal is also happy to tailor a presentation/speaking event to your specific needs.  Please contact us for more information! 


Dolphin Biology
Enjoy time with Dr. Krystal while she discusses dolphin anatomy and biology.  Through slides and photos she will hi-light the various systems of the dolphin body as well as explain evolutionary traits that make the dolphin unique among sea-living mammals. The sensory system of dolphins is highly complex and unique; Dr. Krystal shares the special traits of dolphins that allow them to be so successful within their environment.

Dolphin-Human Interaction
Dolphin-human interaction has had roots throughout history; since the earliest recorded times there have been examples of dolphins assisting humans.  Join Dr. Krystal on an odyssey to explore the roots of dolphin-human interaction in history and how those interactions impact and influence dolphin-human  interaction in a therapeutic setting in modern times.  In this offering, we will discuss the depths of consciousness and the impact that dolphins have on human consciousness.

Dolphin Assisted Wellness
Pure Fin's facilitators have had the unique honor of treating clients in the water with humans. As co-facilitators, Dolphins are able to use their cognitive abilities as well as unique sensory system to support humans in their wellness processes. This presentation discusses research and case studies related to dolphin assisted wellness and dolphin assisted therapy programs and the positive impact this collaboration has on humans and dolphins.


Dr. Krystal has had the pleasure of speaking at charter high schools, universities and in the community. Enjoy the feedback below.

"Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with our class.  Your work with dolphins is very interesting and we enjoyed the slides that you shared with us.  Thank you!" - Akilah Campbell, Science Teacher - PACE Career Academy, Allenstown, NH
"I had the pleasure of meeting Krystal last spring when she graciously agreed to guest lecture in two of my anthropology courses at the University of New Hampshire: Medical Anthropology - Illness and Healing, and Animals, Identity & Culture. In an effort expose my students to real world cross-cultural healing traditions and human-animal relationships, I have invited several guest visitors speak in my courses. Dr. Krystal was one of the most frequently, and positively-referenced, visitors in my end of term evaluations. This was not surprising. We were all impressed by Dr. Krystal's multimedia presentations. She seamlessly fused lecture material with anecdotes, images, videos, and empirical data, a combination that kept her audiences engaged and attentive. Indeed, my students eagerly lined up after class to talk to Dr. Krystal and learn more about her work. Her lectures also surfaced in our class discussions for the remainder of the semester. My students (who range from biomedical science to anthropology to history majors) were intrigued by the ways in which Dr. Krystal brings her biomedical training into conversation with complementary forms of healing. In addition to her professionalism and performativity, I was impressed by Dr. Krystal's range of expertise. As an anthropologist specializing in the social study of science, technology and medicine, I can confidently say that Dr. Krystal demonstrates a very rare ability to speak across disciplines, and to fuse biomedical knowledge with the so-called "soft" sciences. From our conversations I know that Dr. Krystal brings this depth and breadth of knowledge to her healing practices, thereby adding a human and nonhuman touch to her interactions with clients. Having also spoken to one of her clients on their way to Tortola, I believe that it is this more than human touch that makes Dr. Krystal a successful practitioner and educator." - Natalie Porter, Assistant Professor - University of New Hampshire Department of Anthropology