Destination Wellness Experiences

Pure Fin Services Ltd. travels to many locations to provide out clients with Destination Wellness Experiences.  Currently, Pure Fin takes clients to Tortola in the  British Virgin Islands and Bimini, Bahamas, with plans to begin trips in Hawaii in 2016.  For information on our trips in these locations, please see the Destinations page.  For information on components of the Destination Wellness Experience, please continue reading below. 

Components of the Destination Wellness Experience

You! Participants attend our program with many different intentions, ranging from spiritual clarity to emotional release to physical relief. Participants share the commonality that they present ready to go deeper into the evolution of their authentic selves. They are ready to move forward, beyond their comfort zone to experience something magnificent in an environment that nurtures growth, shifts and momentum their personal journey. Participants have an open mind to the endless possibilities of this experience. Participants are seeking epiphany.

Our facilitators are experts in dolphin assisted wellness treatments and use various hands on physical and energy techniques to provide the desired holistic experience for the participant. The facilitators work with the participant to facilitate the physical, emotional and spiritual experience. The facilitators meet the participants wherever they may be on their path and hold a neutral space to allow personal growth to occur on every level.

Trainers and Staff / Crew
When in Tortola, we work at an ocean lagoon where the bottlenose dolphins are cared for by humans. The trainers are experienced and educated in dolphin behavior and care. The trainers maintain the safety of the dolphins and humans among them. The trainers work with the dolphins 5-6 days weekly and know the dolphins extremely well. There is a veterinarian on staff that monitors the health and wellness of the dolphins daily. The trainers and staff are dedicated to this process and believe in the experience we create.

When in Bimini, we work in the open ocean among the wild atlantic spotted dolphins. The captain crew upon the boat that we charter know the waters and the dolphin pod that we spend time with. They are in the open ocean for several months throughout the year in the Bimini waters, they desire for us to connect with the dolphins in the safest possible manner for all parties involved. The captain of our boat grew up with this wild dolphin pod and refers to them as his family. 

The water is the medium in which we provide a holistic experience in coordination with the dolphins. Floating in the water allows the body to move freely, adjust, and balance due to buoyancy in the water and the decreased gravitation pull on the body. Since our bodies are at least 70% water, it seems natural that we can heal while in the water. According to research by Masaru Emoto water has the ability to imprint messages. For scientific purposes and for energetic purposes, water seems to posses the ability to deeply simulate our healing processes. 

Dolphins are among the most intelligent mammals, some research shows that they are most intelligent being next to humans. Dolphins are extremely social and stay in pods or groups of about 12 individuals, but they will temporarily create superpods of up to 1,000 dolphins for feeding. Dolphins in the wild are curious about humans and have been noted to swim with humans and protect them from harm. They have over 3,000 sounds that they use to communicate: whistles, chirps and clicks, some of which occur at a frequency that humans can hear. Dolphins are integral in this process, their energy and connection to the participants brings the holistic experience to a new level. Dolphins use their touch, sounds, bubbles and sonar when in the water with humans. 

Preparing for the Experience
Land and ocean based sessions are available with the facilitators prior to the trip. If this is something you ARE interested in, please contact us. To best enjoy your experience, you want to be prepared for all situations. This means, in your day bag, you want to make sure you have all of your water gear, dry clothing, snacks, and drinking water. 

The schedule of time we spend with the dolphins is based upon the dolphins, so this varies each day. The more you relax and let go of expectations the more the dolphins and the ocean experience will change your life. Have an open mind and enjoy the flow of the awakening/holistic process. Enjoy the atmosphere of ease and fun that the dolphins exude. They literally don't let you come away from their company without being happy. Enjoy and have fun! 

We respectfully enter the sacred waters, the home of the dolphins and other marine life. Melding our energy with that the of sea and these beautiful creatures will allow us to authentically connect with our experience. As we share unconditional love with the dolphins and each other, we feel gratitude, joy and profound presence. The great depth of emotion that this experience lends provides us with sense of self and raises our consciousness and energetic vibration.